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What is psychological online counseling?

Psychological counseling is a process whereby a qualified professional offers guidance and a cathartic space to those who are going through difficult times in their lives.  It’s also a way to develop new skills to manage your thoughts and feelings.

In other words, psychological counseling is used as a means to offer understanding and provide different tools to those who go through a period of emotional distress.

Why online?

Online psychological counseling is a modern practice that is growing more and more since it offers many benefits:

1. It’s practical.

It can be carried out from home which is a great alternative for people with busy schedules, physical limitations or those who wish to avoid long commutes.

2. It’s flexible.

People who need advice when traveling or have irregular work schedules, can now seek psychological sessions without any problem.

3. It works.

Online counseling can have the same results as a face-to-face consultation. Due to its growth, several studies have proven its effectiveness. The findings show that in most cases, the results are positive.

Often, it is easy to make excuses (busy schedule, embarrassment of being seen in a psychologist’s office, traffic, etc.) and leave for an uncertain future the care of our mental health. Online orientation, on the other hand, presents many facilities to start the process.

In my opinion, the advantages it presents can motivate many people to take the first step and talk about what happens to them in a safe and professional way.

Who can benefit from online counseling?

As we have seen, online counseling is effective. The people who can benefit from this method are people who:

*  Struggle against family, couple, or work related stress.
*  Have anxiety and compulsive behaviors.
*  Go through periods of sadness or difficulty in general.
*  Seek accompaniment and guidance during a life-changing event.
*  Seek psychological counseling but haven’t found it because they have little time.

Although psychological counseling is very effective in most cases, it is definitely not for everyone. Online psychology IS NOT for:

*  People with severe psychological disorders.
*  Those who believe online-based communication is shallow.
*  People without reliable Internet access.

If you’re interested in learning more about psychological counseling online, I recommend you read this article detailing its benefits, and this one about when it’s the right time to start. It will take you around five minutes, and in the end, you’ll know even more about what online counseling can offer.

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