Let’s talk about mental health

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“Let’s talk about going to therapy the same way we talk about going to the gym.”

That’s what an article I read recently said. Although the article was about a different mental health topic, this quote stood out to me.

The idea of talking more openly about therapy is very interesting because even though conditions such as anxiety and depression affect millions of people, seeking help for our mental health is still a stigma that deprives professional care from those who need it.

Fortunately, this is changing, and going to psychotherapy is considered more of a sign of strength and search of wellness (which is what it is), and less of a dark secret that needs to remain hidden. Even so, there’s still a long road to go through to normalize and democratize mental health care.

We boast about going to the gym and joke —somewhat ashamed— about not going because we know the benefits that it brings to our health. What about our minds? How do we take care of our thoughts and emotions? Sometimes, simply and as the article suggests, we keep quiet and exclude others, keeping in silence that we are, have been or want to be in therapy. Being more open about these issues could have a significant and motivating impact for others. It could even help us connect with everyone else.

It’s not about becoming a spokesperson for therapy, and logically, each person will share what they consider appropriate. But the proposal remains valid: let’s talk about going to therapy the same way we talk about going to the gym. With normalcy and with the confidence of knowing that we are taking care of our health and we’re capable of asking for help when we need it.

This could be a good step in demystifying what psychotherapy actually is.

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