How to keep your motivation beyond January.


It is never too late to be what you might have been. -George Eliot

One more year is about to begin and that means countless resolutions.

I am one of those who enjoy the holiday season, so of course I always make a list of resolutions for each year that is about to begin. I’m sure many others do so as well. So today I’d like to talk a bit about motivation.

As we all know, many resolutions don’t go any further than the list they were written in. Sometimes though, we get a great start… with all the momentum a new year can bring, but as the year goes by, our perseverance and commitment diminish. Other times, we know that we will not fulfill a specific goal from the moment we think of it. Motivation plays a big part in all of this.

How can we stay motivated?

Give your goal a sense of purpose.

To achieve our goals, motivation is essential. It’s the force that allows us to reach our objectives. Or at least try, which is something. To stay motivated, we have to choose our goals from a place of honesty. Therefore, it’s important to know why we want to achieve an objective in particular.

What values ​​and feelings are you really pursuing?

Think about what it is that you would love to start (or stop) doing and what would be the point of achieving it. Give it a try for your own sake. And although it seems obvious, it’s still worth saying: If your goal is something that you really want and also serves an important purpose to your life, it’ll be easier to stay motivated.

Find where your motivation comes from.

Each person has something that especially motivates them. For some it’s recognition, others get excited when there is some reward or prize to be won, for other people growth or personal satisfaction is what motivates them. Think about the times you have achieved your goals and find out what motivates you. If you know where your motivation comes from, it will be easier not only to find it when you need it, but to keep it.

Make a plan

Don’t expect your goal to happen overnight. Nobody learns to play a musical instrument with just one lesson. Just as nobody loses 10 kg. in a couple of days. And absolutely no one gets their New Year’s wishes to come true with the mere fact of writing and visualizing them.

Whatever your goal, it requires an action plan and work. There is no magic solution or shortcuts. Realizing this can help you put your batteries on and get to work. Create a realistic plan to achieve realistic goals. In most cases that’s all you’ll need.

As you can see, you can turn the moment of making New Year’s resolutions into a real self-knowledge exercise. Prepare for the inevitable obstacles and celebrate each step you take towards your goal. If you carry this out, you’ll see that motivation will remain for a long time.